spent my easter drawing this.

i love morning skies, i just never wake up early enough to see them.

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new sidebar for my ask phinbella blog! played with styles a bit and received cuteness. oh and flower crowns

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We both kind of went through the whole braces thing. Each year, Phineas got taller!

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And we’ve been together since.

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He isn’t exaggerating, either.

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joeyfoxplatium Asked: hey isabella i was wondering did Phineas ever spanked you for any bad or good reason?

These are the kinds of questions that we don’t answer.

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Skinny dipping is the best.

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Nothing as in nudity.

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Mod post 

Update on the ages thing - bumping the ages up to 18 for both of them because of some questions I’ve been receiving and some answers that would be deemed inappropriate for ages under 18. 

Going to edit that last post…

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((Updated the ages due to some inappropriate questions I’ve received.))

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