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sydneytilley Asked: I think you should definitely keep this blog up. It's really well drawn (and answered). I don't think it's that big of a deal if it's not cannon.

Thank you! =( o w o)=

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He doesn’t disappear as often as he used to, so he’s been around a lot more lately and I love that.

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((Not sure how I feel about this blog after the whole “Act Your Age” ordeal. Deciding whether or not to keep this up…))

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Those are my favorites from freshman year. There were plenty more, but these are the first few I took out of the old photo album.

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I think that explains it.

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I don’t think a cute cat costume has to be considered kinky, I just think it’s kinda adorable.

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((Really sorry for not posting! Been having trouble answering questions and stuff, will hopefully get back to answers soon.))

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The Character Wardrobe Meme


Send a number to my ask box along with a character of your choice, and I’ll draw up the ensuing ensemble! (If the character chosen wouldn’t wear the option given… go ahead and sub in something else!)


  1. Underwear
  2. Casual clothes
  3. Work uniform
  4. Night clothes
  5. Swimwear
  6. Formal gala garb
  7. Lounging, lazy-time stuff
  8. A party outfit
  9. Date night threads
  10. Something outdoorsy
  11. Interview outfit
  12. Tourist/travel wear
  13. A costume!
  14. Their sick day scrubs
  15. Summer clothes
  16. Winter clothes
  17. Um, spring clothes?
  18. Why not - fall clothes!
  19. Workout wear
  20. Last minute throw-ons
  21. The most expensive thing they own
  22. A fig leaf

Feel free to add, subtract, or alter as you please to fit your character bunch!

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