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This is just a simple blog for whatever questions you may have about our relationship.

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WAIT HOLD UP, BACK UP! Since when did Phineas and Isabella all this tattoos and piercing? I'm lost :/

((since i decided to color asks instead of being lazy with them

i usually give them tattoos/piercings as young adults when i color my sketches))


Edited the answer to this askphinbella question into a fall picture. 

I live in Florida so I have actually never seen fall before…Seems like something I’d want to be outside 100% of the time for.

They’re young adults here. Hooray for tattoos and piercings!

((Really sorry for neglecting this blog! I haven’t been able to answer a single question since school started again, and frankly I’m out of ideas on how to answer most of the questions…))

((I promise I’m answering questions, I’m working on one currently, I’m sorry they’re taking so long!))

((Updated the theme! How does it look?))


fanart for the girlfriend’s fanfiction, a single spark

Phineas, a poor villager, and Isabella, the rich sheltered princess, embark on a journey through an enchanted forest. They meet when Isabella sneaks away from the castle, offering the boy money to take her to explore the land. Through pain, exhaustion, and arguments, they find something even more valuable than magic and money: love.

I’m really happy with how this turned out! It’s been awhile since I drew phinbella arts so it feels good to make something pretty with them involved

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